She gave you the world.

Honor her by helping the life of a child.

Consider donating to 25:40 and we will send your mother an elegant e-card.

Your Mother’s Day donation can provide:

Two girls receive school uniforms from 25:40

      A school uniform.  Many of the orphans in 25:40’s after

school care program do not have school uniforms or they are old and worn and ill-fitting. A new school uniform means these students will not feel rejected or ridiculed; they will not have to skip school or share their uniform with siblings. $125

      Toys and equipmentfor the pre-school playground. Since 25:40 purchased scooters and jump ropes for the Masonwabe Preschool in 2011, ampoule the physical development and motor skills of our students have improved dramatically.  We need to replenish the supply. $10-$50

Masonwabe Preschoolers on scooters

      Classroom supplies. Most clsasrooms lack the basic teaching supplies, cheap such as books, physician pencils, crayons, markers, paper and manipulatives. 25:40 continues to stock the three classrooms at Masonwabe Preschool with age- and culturally-appropriate puzzles, blocks, toys, clay and books. $5-$15

You can help 25:40 give to these children the same love and attention your mom gave you.

 Simply click the donate button and pay securely with PayPal. Please note your mother’s name and e-mail address. We will send her an elegant e-card on Mother’s Day.

For more information, click here 2540 mothers day 3

Happy  Mother’s Day to all moms around the world!


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TEAM 25:40
Help become part of the solution by running for 25:40. Whether you are a novice or an elite athlete, story you can elevate your experience above just a race -- you can race to give an at-risk child in rural South Africa a #FightingChance to rise above poverty, disease and violence.
The Sub-Saharan AIDS epidemic has a devastating effect on millions of families. Consider that 5.5 million adults and children live with HIV/AIDS in South Africa alone. Discover the hard facts about poverty, there disease and violence, and help become a part of the solution.
25:40’s current focus is on children living in rural areas of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. We have selected this area as our place of initial focus due to its extreme poverty, patient lack of resources and lack of attention from the outside world.