Announcing the 2017 Enkosi Award Winner: Joyce Taylor

The Enkosi Award is presented to an exceptionally dedicated and loyal supporter of 25:40, who has passion for 25:40’s mission. 25:40 is proud to announce the winner of the 2017 Enkosi (“Thank you”) Award is Joyce Taylor. 25:40 was founded in 2003, and since that time Joyce has been 25:40’s most ardent supporter. In 2004, 25:40 founders Alec and Amy Zacaroli gave a presentation to Abiding Presence Lutheran Church in Burke, Virginia after their first official 25:40 trip to South Africa. Joyce was one of the congregants in the pews and was deeply moved.

Joyce Taylor, 2017 Enkosi Award Winner

Joyce Taylor, 2017 Enkosi Award Winner

Joyce has generously flown to South Africa four times – once with the 2012 Abiding Presence mission trip, and three times accompanying co-founder Amy Zacaroli. As a former Kindergarten Instructional Assistant in Fairfax County Public Schools, Joyce is a great support to the pre-school teachers. During her visits to Canzibe, Joyce helps in each of the classrooms and gets to know the children. She also does anything that is asked of her, including taking photographs of all the aftercare kids and interviewing them for their child sponsors. Joyce is a great help and support system to 25:40!

Joyce is a champion of 25:40 back home as well, attending every Walk for the Kids (and later the #Fighting Chance 8k) and brought many of her friends to attend. Joyce has attended every local event that 25:40 has hosted, and is a wonderful ambassador for 25:40 at Abiding Presence and in her community. Joyce and her devoted husband, Duke, are one of 25:40’s most faithful and loyal supporters.

For Joyce’s commitment, support and dedication to 25:40, we proudly honor her with the 2017 Enkosi Award.


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