Board of Directors

Jack Lewis, Chairman

Jack has practiced law for 30 years and currently is a Managing Counsel for Chevron in Houston, TX.  Jack and his wife, Melanie, live in The Woodlands, TX and have two grown children, Jonathan and Megan.

Monique Fraedrich

Monique is a mortgage industry CFO and CPA, who lives in Burke, VA with her husband Craig and two sons, Tyler and Matthew. Since 25:40’s inception, Monique and her family have supported 25:40 in a myriad of ways, including participation in 25:40’s the Walk for Kids and the World AIDS Day Concerts. Monique has used her accounting and bookkeeping experience to help 25:40 continue to offer the highest level of support possible towards the mission. With her children now grown, she is looking forward to contributing even more to this cause that is so deeply meaningful to her

Lynne Linder

Lynne is an educator who joined 25:40 after watching and supporting the ministry’s development since its origin in 2003. Lynne lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, Steve, and daughters, Susanna and Katie. She and her family first became involved with 25:40 by lending their hands in support of 25:40′s Walk for the Children and the World’s Aids Day concerts. In 1985, Lynne experienced first-hand the struggle and pain of HIV/AIDS as she cared for her brother, one of the early victims of the disease.   Supporting 25:40′s mission to care for South Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable children has become a way to honor him.

Alec Zacaroli

Alec and Amy Zacaroli founded 25:40 in June 2003. Alec lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a child, and from this experience has remained keenly interested in issues facing southern Africa. He is an attorney with the firm Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton, in Washington, D.C.

Amy Zacaroli

Amy worked as a journalist in Washington, D.C. for more than a decade before having children and starting 25:40 In addition to caring for her and Alec’s four children, Nick, Sophie, Hannah, and Rebecca, she devotes her time and attention to the work and mission of 25:40.

TEAM 25:40
Help become part of the solution by running for 25:40. Whether you are a novice or an elite athlete, you can elevate your experience above just a race -- you can race to give an at-risk child in rural South Africa a #FightingChance to rise above poverty, disease and violence.
The Sub-Saharan AIDS epidemic has a devastating effect on millions of families. Consider that 5.5 million adults and children live with HIV/AIDS in South Africa alone. Discover the hard facts about poverty, disease and violence, and help become a part of the solution.
25:40’s current focus is on children living in rural areas of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. We have selected this area as our place of initial focus due to its extreme poverty, lack of resources and lack of attention from the outside world.