Sponsor A Child

reading at onke's serviceFor $1.25 a day, you can sponsor a child in 25:40’s after school care program. This program meets specific needs of orphans and vulnerable children in the Ngqeleni District of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, one of poorest and most rural areas in the country. Orphans in South Africa long for a safe place to play and be nurtured. 25:40’s aftercare program does just that: The children receive a nutritious meal, academic help, emotional counseling, health monitoring, and civil rights advocacy all with a spiritual foundation based on the Gospel. For more information on the 25:40 aftercare program, click here.

Your participation guarantees a space for your sponsored child in the aftercare program. You will be encouraged to correspond with your child, send photos of your family and share about yourself. You will receive basic information about your child’s life and regular updates on your child’s progress and letters in return from your sponsored child. At Christmas and birthdays, you will have the opportunity to provide your child with gifts.

To sponsor a child today, click the donate button on this page. We will then contact you and provide you a child and materials about the program.

For more information, please e-mail Monique at SponsorAChild@2540.org

TEAM 25:40
Help become part of the solution by running for 25:40. Whether you are a novice or an elite athlete, story you can elevate your experience above just a race -- you can race to give an at-risk child in rural South Africa a #FightingChance to rise above poverty, disease and violence.
The Sub-Saharan AIDS epidemic has a devastating effect on millions of families. Consider that 5.5 million adults and children live with HIV/AIDS in South Africa alone. Discover the hard facts about poverty, there disease and violence, and help become a part of the solution.
25:40’s current focus is on children living in rural areas of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. We have selected this area as our place of initial focus due to its extreme poverty, patient lack of resources and lack of attention from the outside world.